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5AB Auto Repairs is located in Queanbeyan West and is in the service from last one decade.We are known for our quality service with affordable price.No need of prior booking. Just walk in and we will give you affordable solutions for your vehicle problems.We are providing Contact-free Servicing options during COVID 2019 time.

  • Log Book Service
  • Ford and Toyota Specialist
  • Full Mechanical and LPG Service
  • Tyre and Wheel Balancing Service
  • Special Deal For Taxis

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Our Services 

Authorized Vehicle Inspection

We are authorized veghicle inspection station for NSW and ACT

Electrical System

Get your car air conditioning repaired.

Battery Replacement

Battery cable replacement.Car battery replacement. 

Brakes and Clutches

Front and Rear Brake pad replacement.Clutch cable adjustment

Car Engine

Spark Plug, Engine oil, Brake Fluid,Fuel Injector Replacment


Drive shaft replacement, Transmission mount replacement.  

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Auto Maintenance FAQs

What type of Services do I need?

Change engine oil and filter

Road test

Brake and fluid condition report

Tyre pressure and condition report

Steering and suspension check

Cooling system and condition test

Lights, wipers, battery and electrical check

Full vehicle written safety report

Tune up available on

What is Contact-free Servicing option ?

Don't want to leave the house? No Worries ! We have a team of mobile mechanics that can come to you and service or repair your car contact-free.

What are the safety tips for Your customer
  • Check all of your vehicle’s fluid levels which include engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid. 
  • Refer to the owners’ manual for the proper procedures for checking and adding fluids to your vehicle.
  • In particular, check the brake fluid level regualrly. 
  • You can also do a quick “leak test” in your driveway. Let your engine run for about 15 minutes so it reaches full operating temperature. Then park it over a large piece of cardboard for a while and see if any fluids drip on it. (Source: www.ultratune.com.au)
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Maintaining your vehicle is an important part of ensuring you and your family stays safe on our roads and enjoy trouble free motoring. At 5AB Auto Repairs we can maintain your vehicle via state-of-the-art equipment to complete your handbook servicing, regular maintenance services and all types of mechanical repairs. From brakes to suspension, we do it all.